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Affiliate Bonus Formula

Affiliate Bonus Formula Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Affiliate Bonus Formula Review: An quick glance:

If you are into affiliate marketing, then Affiliate Bonus Formula is just for you. This is more than just a training program, it is actually a course + done-for-you package with Private Label Rights. This is a solid training program that will eliminate all the roadblocks and obstacles to make the first $1000 from affiliate marketing.

Even better, the entire program comes with PLR license (Wow!). In other words, not only you can learn from these products, but you can also rebrand and sell these products under your own name.

Other than that, a ready-made HTML bonus page is designed just for you. It will be very useful if you want to use it as a bonus page. Or you can also re-edit this website and sell it to others.

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Features of the Affiliate Bonus Formula

To sum it up, you will get a complete set of tools to get started with affiliate marketing and profit within a few days. Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry these days and the Affiliate Bonus Formula will give you the edge over your competitors.

Inside the Affiliate Bonus Formula, you will get 5 different components to start making the first sale and build a consistent income for years.

Component #1 – Step by Step Video Training (Worth $997.00):
If you are tired of not making the money, then it is time for a change. This module will uncover the exact strategies that you should implement to build a 4-figure or even 5-figure business online. All the income are from affiliate marketing and promoting other people’s products. This is a real, proven strategies and not just a theory or hype.

Even better, you are given private label rights (PLR) on this video training. Which means, you can change the name and then sell this product like your own. If you think that this video is useful, then so do others. Feel free to sell it if you wish.

Component #2 – Profit Multiplier Bonus Templates (Worth $297.00):
For newbies, these bonus templates are very useful. It will save a lot of time on learning graphics and website design from scratch. Forget hiring a freelancer or web assistant. This bonus templates are provided for you and all you need to do is upload and fire it up.

Best of all, these bonus templates are proven to convert. In other words, you don’t need to test or tweak it for the best conversion rates. These bonus templates are already based in the real experience by the creators, and they already convert like crazy.

Component #3 – Killer Graphics Pack (Worth $197.00):
Want to know the conversion secret? One of them is by adding killer graphics onto your website. This graphic pack will help the conversion rates of your website, a lot.

With this package, you will get 50 PSD covers. You can use these graphics as it is, or you can also edit them with Photoshop. No need to hire freelancers or purchase graphic packs separately.

Component #4 – Ready To Go Product (Worth $297.00):
Earn instant profits with ready-made websites, sales letter and marketing tools. This will save yourself a lot of time. No more headache on crafting your own sales letter and the download page. Just edit the website, paste the payment link code, upload. After that, you are good to go.

Component #5 – Worldwide Private Label Rights (Worth $297.00):
Affiliate Bonus Formula comes with PLR. Which means, this product is 100% yours. Feel free to edit or sell it. Then, keep 100% of the profit. To make it better, a complete set of tools, sales letter and swipe emails are included. So, you can plug these tools and get started right away.

My killer Affiliate Bonus Formula bonus, with MRR and PLR

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus products below. While they are not part of Affiliate Bonus Formula, they will add more value to your purchase.

For example, you can sell these bonus files since they come with MRR and PLR. Other than that, you can also watch the video tutorials inside them and learn something new.

The download link to these files will be sent to you once you’ve made the purchase. The process is automatic and handled by JVZoo.com (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Affiliate Bonus Formula Bonus #1: Niche Authority Gold

Niche Authority Gold covers the fundamental aspect of online marketing. That is the niche research part. While there could be a lot of courses out there trying to teach others about niche research, most of them have something in common.

For example:
– The techniques taught inside cost a lot of money. The courses recommend that you invest in expensive paid keyword software.
– The steps exposed are somewhat confusing. The problem with niche research is the fact there are thousands of methods to research for profitable niches. This variety is the problem for some people.
– They are presented in a PDF book. Therefore, it will be hard to follow and understand the whole concept.
– Most of them recommend that you tap into saturated niches like weight loss, dating or even business 2 business.

Niche Authority Gold is different. This product will expose the niche research tactics that is simple for anyone to learn and implement. Even better, the content is presented in video format, so it is much easier to understand the concept. Plus, the techniques can be implemented even if you are on a low budget. Most of the recommended tools are free.

It doesn’t matter whether you are researching niches to promote affiliate offers or your own product. Niche Authority Gold will cover both of them.

Also, if you have a list, you can sell this product to anyone and keep 100% of its profits. The Niche Authority Gold is a great product that you can be proud to sell it like your own. Sales materials like sample sales letter, cover graphics and also MRR are included.

Affiliate Bonus Formula Bonus #2: Autoresponder Profit Formula

List building is one important part of getting consistent online buyers for years. You know that you need to build a list. However, the question is, how to get started? And more importantly how to profit from your list?

This video course has all the answers that you need. Autoresponder Profit Formula will guide you from scratch, starting from the basic parts to advanced list building tactics. While there could be hundreds of list building course out there, most of them are not as complete as this one.

This course consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: The basic of email marketing
– A quick view of email marketing.
– List of a complete toolset that you should be using.
– Squeeze pages and why is it important.
– Tricks to increase the conversion rates of the squeeze page.
– Traffic generation for list building.

Part 2: Getting the traffic
– Not all traffic is equal.
– Discover why the best source of traffic is from joint venture partners.
– Learn how to become an authority in your topic, and then get a massive amount of buyers into your list.
– List of free forums that you can participate in, post into and then get a lot of traffic from.
– 4 places on the web where you can invite others to promote your product.
– Launch jacking strategies, why it works and how to use it for massive buyer traffic.
– Common list building mistakes made by newbies that you should avoid.

Part 3: Monetize the list
– The recommended plan that you should implement.
– The reasons why you should be promoting high-ticket products to your list, in oppose to low-ticket products.
– Example of swipe emails, autoresponder messages and upsell page that you can edit and use. These tools are important to make the real income selling high-ticket products to your list.

Affiliate Bonus Formula Bonus #3: Rapid Amazon Research

If you are into online marketing for 2 minutes, you should realize by now that niche and keyword research consumes a lot of time. Even for experienced marketers, they might need a few months to uncover profitable niches, keywords and finally profit from it.

This is the reason why I am offering the Rapid Amazon Research package. Rapid Amazon Research is not another niche hunting course. It is a done-for-you product. In other words, you will get keyword lists, recommended products to promote, as well as the tools to use. All of them are ready for you. Rapid Amazon Research is free when you purchase Affiliate Bonus Formula today.

Here’s a recap of what you will be getting:
1. Done-for-you keyword research:
– Keyword lists of 5 hot Amazon products.
– Keyword data pulled from both Google and Amazon database.
– The keyword lists contain important data such as the total number of search volume, average CPC, EMD.
– Total competing pages on Google are included for each keyword.

2. Done-for-you product research:
– You will be given 5 different niches.
– For each niche, you will get 10 different products, which are recommended to promote. In other words, you will get 50 products in total.
– Each product has more than 10 reviews, plus 4-star rating from users.
– All of them are priced more than $100, so you can expect good commissions promoting them.

3. Done-for-you video:
– You will receive 50 product review videos.
– One for each of the main products.

Affiliate Bonus Formula Bonus #4: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

When comes to social media marketing, probably you will think that will be Facebook marketing. However, the problem with Facebook is, the fact it is so popular and saturated these days. Lots of businesses are targeting Facebook for advertising, making the competition is harder for average Joe like you.

This is why Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint can help you. This blueprint is not about using Facebook. Instead, it will give special attention to Reddit and Instagram.

Unlike Facebook marketing, Reddit is less competitive. The popularity of this website is rising in 2018. In fact, this is the 4th most trafficked websites in the US today. Also, since it is still new, many companies and big brands never tap into Reddit marketing.

Which means, this is a huge opportunity for you. If you are new to Reddit marketing, this course can help you, a lot.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint consists of 2 parts:
Reddit marketing
– A quick view of Reddit marketing.
– The reasons why you should go for Reddit.
– Subreddits and what it has to do with you.
– Bigger subreddits, advantages and when to use them.
– Smaller subreddits pros and cons. Plus, when and how to use them.
– Reddit Karma system, what is it and how to use it for massive traffic.
– Additional functions of the Reddit website that you should know and use.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– An intro to the Instagram website.
– Tools and features of Instagram that you need to know and use.
– Learn why the Instagram tag is important for relevant traffic.
– Strategies to drive traffic from Instagram to your website.
– Terms and rules of Instagram that you must comply. Otherwise, you will get banned.
– A cheat sheet, PDFs, and more quick reference that you can implement.

Affiliate Bonus Formula Bonus #5: WP Sales Robot

Are you looking for quality PLR product to give away for free? Or perhaps you want a product to sell on your website? If so, I am offering WP Sales Robot as the bonus for with the purchase of Affiliate Bonus Formula product.

WP Sales Robot is a one-of-a-kind plugin that will increase both traffic and conversion. Just as the name implies, this plugin will boost the sales by offering your visitors coupon code.

Once your website visitors unlock the code, they won’t resist buying. Why? Because they will be able to purchase your product at a lower price. This is their chance to save the money.

Another cool feature of this plugin is the social sharing feature. Your website visitors will be prompted to share your website on Facebook. This will give you free social media traffic.

How these bonus are sent to you:
Step 1: You will receive my bonus package only if you purchase Affiliate Bonus Formula product from this website. Click here to get started.

Step 2: Your product delivery will be handled by JVZoo, while the payment is processed by Paypal. And, I already integrate my bonus download page within the JVZoo system. So, once you’ve completed the purchase, you will be given access to both my bonus pack and Affiliate Bonus Formula product.

If you have any question, or in case you didn’t get my files due to error, feel free to email me, Robert Simmons. Send an email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com.

In case you want to claim the bonus via email, do include your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase in the email. This is the proof of your purchase.

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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