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Affilistores Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Affilistores product:

Affilistores is an AI based, store builder for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. This is not another ordinary Amazon store builder software. This software can be integrated with all e-commerce affiliate networks including Commission Junction, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, Shop.com and of course Amazon.

What you will get from Affilistores:
– Sell more products in various niches. Why limit your e-commerce niches to only Amazon niches, while you can get the same, even more from other networks?
– Build a profitable online store quickly (and easily too). You don’t need to learn WordPress or HTML to build a profitable website with this system.
– Forget paying for a web hosting or domain name. You can host the online store by using the sub-domain name of Affilistores. Learning how to setup a web hosting is one big challenge for newbies these days.
– No hassle to update the websites frequently. The online stores will upate itself by using a brand-new AI based technology.
– No need to do the SEO tasks manually. The Affilistores will automatically optimize your website for better search engine ranking and traffic.
– Automated, viral traffic from social media sites. Social sharing and video curation features are included.

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Affilistores Full Review

Who needs the Affilistore program?

In summary, this product is geared to those who are looking for ways to make a consistent, reliable income online.
– People who are new to making money online.
– E-commerce entrepreneurs.
– Affiliate marketers, especially Amazon or Commission Junction affiliates.
– Online drop shippers.
– Online entrepreneurs.
– Facebook marketers.
– List builders.

If you are looking forward to earning real money online with the above business models, then Affilistores is the way to go.

Full features of Affilistores

New to web design? Affilistores is perfect for you:

Forget learning WordPress. Let Affilistores build professionally-designed stores in minutes: If you can use a mouse and keyboard, then you can publish a professional-looking website with Affilistores program. The templates are ready for you, all of them are professionally-designed. Best of all, the store will update itself to add new products and boost your conversion rates.

Mobile-ready online stores with just a few clicks: More people are browsing the web by using mobile devices these days. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-ready, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Affilistores will design not only beautiful websites, but most importantly 100% mobile-ready. Best of all, it requires no additional efforts from your part. Just select the correct theme and you are good to go.

Fully-customizable ecom stores: If you are creative, feel free to adjust the online store as you wish. The Affilistores websites are fully customizable, and you can add logo, color scheme or perhaps change its theme.

Tons of professional website themes to choose from: As the Affilistores customer, you will have the access to tons of visually stunning themes. The design of these themes are based on the latest trends and totally fit the e-commerce niche.

Perfect for beginners. No hassle to register a domain name or hosting: If you are new to the domain name and hosting, then Affilistores will host the website for you. The online store will be hosted by using a sub-domain. Of course, you have the option to transfer and host the website with a third-party hosting and domain registrars later on.

A helpful, dedicated support system is included:

New to internet marketing? Step-by-step training videos are included: What good a powerful system if you don’t know how to use it? While Affilistores makes affiliate marketing and e-commerce much easier, you might still need to know one thing or two. These easy-to-follow training videos will guide you hand-to-hand from scratch.

Great support team: This feature makes Affilistores worth every single penny. It is hard to find products with supportive staff these days. However, Affilistores is different. The industry leading US support team is included for all customers. Feel free to ask questions and get the help in case you need it.

Get lots of traffic on auto-pilot thanks to these features:

Traffic boosting features are included. SEO, social media, video marketing: Affilistores drive traffic to your website by using the power of video marketing, social media marketing, blogging and search engine optimization. Blog posts are created for a specific store listing which drives tons of traffic to your online store. Plus, the social sharing button is included to attract visitors from social media sites. You can also check the traffic stats within the Affilistores dashboard.

Integrate with autoresponder service for long-term traffic (and profits): Affilistores comes with email marketing and autoresponder feature. Which means you can collect the emails from your visitors. Collecting email contacts is the way to grow a sustainable business for the longer term. You can keep following-up the existing customers and then make them purchase something from you many times in the future.

Finally, these Affilistores features will make you a lot of money:

Access to the Smart Funnelz system, plus with resale rights: Smart Funnelz is one of the hot-selling products in the past few months. In case you miss it, then this is your chance. As an Affilistores customer, you can access not only the Smart Funnelz system, but also sell it. Even better, the marketing tools to sell this product is totally done for you.

Make tons of affiliate commissions. Build unlimited websites and sell unlimited products with Affilistores: With Affilistores, there is no limit of the number of stores that you can build. Even better, you can also fetch and sell unlimited products from all networks like eBay or AliExpress.

More affiliate networks to choose from: We all know about Amazon, but it is not the only player in town. There are a lot more affiliate networks, each of them have different type of products and terms. So, in case you don’t like Amazon, then Affilistores will fetch the products from other networks too. These include AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, Shop.com and Commission Junction. You also have the option to sell from digital produuct networks like Clickbank or Paydotcom.

Sell the products in any niche imaginable: Don’t worry if you don’t like one or two niches for whatever reasons. Affilistores website can be used to sell tons of products in various niches. For example, self-help, health, computer, software plus a lot more.

More conversions thanks to the built-in slider: The built-in sliders are added to the homepage to attract more attention in case you have special offers or discounts. Affilistores also comes with a 90-day cookie storage feature. Once a visitor clicks your affiliate link, you will be credited for commissions in case she/he made a purchase in 90 days.

More profits, not only from affiliate links but also from ads: You can monetize the Affilistores website in two ways affiliate links and ads. There are tons of advertising models that can be integrated with Affilistores including Google Adsense. Therefore, you can profit from every single traffic that arrives into your website. Which means, more money in your pocket.


My killer Affilistores bonus

If you purchase Affilistores from this page, then you are qualified to access my bonus package below. They are complementary with Affilistores product.

In other words, if you cannot learn about something from Affilistores product, then you can with one of my ebooks below. For example, if you want to learn e-commerce, then you can simply watch the videos inside FBA Profit Mastery below. No need to spend money on another product about e-commerce.

On the other hand, if you have a list of existing customers, you can resell my bonus products below. Most of them have master resell rights or private label right.

These products are available only when you purchase Affilistores from this website. The download URL will be sent to you once the purchase is complete. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Affilistores Bonus #1: FBA Profit Mastery

It is no secret that making money from Amazon is the way to go this era. Amazon Associates program, for example, has proven to make thousands even millions of dollars to its affiliates.

Today, you can also start selling your own physical products within Amazon. This is known as Fulfillment By Amazon, of FBA program.

These are the reasons why you should jump into the FBA program:
– More control: Unlike Amazon Associates, becoming an FBA seller means you control the price of your own product. No need to rely on low commissions from Amazon.
– More traffic: You can make thousands of affiliates promote your product. Yes, once your product is listed on Amazon, their affiliates will work hard for you. This is different when compared to the Amazon Associate program, where you work for others.
– More conversions: Amazon is a trusted brand. Hence, if you list your physical products on Amazon, people will trust you. Then, they will eager to buy from you.
– Long-lasting business model: Amazon.com is a big buyer search engine. Amazon users are different from Google or Bing. They use Amazon to purchase something. Plus, the Amazon brand is getting bigger and better every year. Therefore, by listing your products here at Amazon, you can build a solid business for the longer term.

I know that starting an FBA business could sound like an intimidating task for most people. Especially those who never sell physical products online. That’s why you need to FBA Profit Mastery course.

The FBA Profit Mastery course will make the entire FBA program sounds easy, the way it should. The following are the list of modules inside this video blueprint:

Overview: This part will show you what’s inside this course. Plus, it will give you the idea of your entire business plan.

Tips For Sourcing Successfully: A few useful tips and information related to sourcing for FBA Business are covered in this section.

General Tips And Recommendations: Find out awesome recommendations and tips from experienced sellers.

Local Sources: Learn how to find sources for products which are available locally.

Craigslist, Classifieds, Local Newspapers, and eBay: Learn the skill to search for relevant products in your niche from places like Craigslist, eBay or local newspaper.

Local Auctions And Estate Sales: Discover the steps to do local auctions and estate sales by using an awesome tool inside this video.

US Government State Police Auctions: This video will cover important information about the police auctions, as well as the US government.

Storage Unit And Charity Stores: Now you have the products, but some of them are not selling. Discover what to do with unsalable products in this video.

Extreme Rebates And Coupons: Both coupon code and rebates are useful when you start an FBA business. Yes, you can reduce the overall business cost by using both coupon code and rebates.

Online Auction And Liquidation Houses: Discover how to find liquidation houses the right way. Plus, much more will be exposed regarding that topic.

Conclusion: Recap of the entire FBA Profit Mastery course.

Affilistores Bonus #2: Rapid Amazon Research

Do you want to save time on niche, keyword and product research? We all do. In fact, we all know that niche research is the most important step in the entire marketing campaign. However, new marketers understand that niche and keyword research consume too much time.

Rapid Amazon Research is just the product that helps you save the time and make the money straight away. This is not a niche research course. This is actually a done-for-you Amazon product research pack.

Let me summarize what you will be getting from this pack:
1. Done-for-you product research:
– Grab free 5 lists of ten products.
– These products are in different niches.
– All products are priced at more than $100.
– These are quality products, with a 4-star rating and more than 10 reviews.

2. List of keywords, done-for-you:
– You will get the number of search volume for all 5 niches.
– Plus, other metrics will also be pulled from Google database, like average CPC, local monthly search volume and total competition on Google search.
– EMD for every keyword is also provided.
– The keyword list from Amazon suggestions is also included.

3. Done-for-you product review:
– These are basically 50 product review videos.
– No hassle to create your own video.
– Edit these video or you can upload as it is to Youtube.
– Expect to get easy Youtube traffic with these video reviews.

Rapid Amazon Research is included as a bonus with Affilistores product.

Affilistores Bonus #3: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

There are tons of social websites these days that most of us are getting confused. Usually, when someone says social media, the first brand we all think about is Facebook.

However, the traffic from Facebook is getting more expensive these days. It would be wise to focus on less saturated traffic sources.

That’s what Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is all about. While a lot of resources out there are focusing on Facebook, this course gives more attention to Reddit and Instagram.

Reddit is the new traffic goldmine. In fact, the popularity of Reddit is rising in 2018 and currently, it is the 6th most trafficked websites all over the globe.

Since this traffic source is still new, small entrepreneurs like you and I can easily get good ROI from Reddit.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint consists of 2 parts, Reddit marketing and then Instagram marketing.

Part 1: Reddit marketing
– A quick view of the Reddit website.
– The reasons why you should use Reddit as a marketing channel in 2018.
– A summary of subreddits.
– Bigger subreddits advantages and when to post content in them.
– Smaller subreddits pros and cons. Plus, how to use them.
– Strategies to increase your Reddit Karma and get lots of followers.
– Tricks to use the Karma system to your advantage.
– Features inside the Reddit website and its functions that you shouldn’t miss.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– A summary of the Instagram website and Instagram marketing.
– The features, tools within Instagram that you can take advantage of.
– The power of hashtags which is available with Instagram.
– Step-by-step techniques to connect between Instagram and your website.
– Important rules of Instagram that you should know and careful of. Otherwise, you might get banned.
– Quick reference guides in PDFs that you can quickly implement.

Affilistores Bonus #4: Publish Ebook On Kindle

Selling your own ebooks is one of the easiest ways to earn real money online. Unlike physical books, an ebook can easily be produced anywhere with your computer and the internet.

Plus, people on the internet love to read since the internet is about information. Therefore, if you have the right knowledge, you can easily sell ebooks on the internet.

One of the best platform to sell ebooks is Amazon Kindle marketplace. Amazon.com is the biggest book retailer on the web, and therefore the traffic is relevant to your product. Plus, by selling on Amazon, you will build your own credibility since Amazon.com is a trusted brand.

Publish Ebook On Kindle is about publishing your own ebook products at Amazon Kindle. Learn the following tips and more from this tutorial:
– The correct way to format your ebook.
– Steps to set up your ebook product.
– Kindle Direct Publishing, what it has to do with you and how to use it correctly.
– Tricks to edit your ebook product once it has been uploaded to Amazon Kindle.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. All the bonus files above are available only when you purchase Affilistores product from this website. Click here to visit Affilistores product official homepage. Then, hit add to cart button to make your purchase.

2. Your credit card and payment will be processed by Paypal. It is secure and safe. Plus it is also backed with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, don’t worry about your payment.

3. Compose an email with the subject “Send me the Affilistores bonus”. Do mention your Paypal transaction ID and your date of purchase as the proof.

4. Then send your email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com. Replace [at] with @.

For more information, you can also read this Affilistores review.

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