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Clipman 2.0

Clipman 2.0 Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Clipman 2.0 product:

Clipman 2.0 is the improved version of the first Clipman software which was launched back in 2015. This video maker software had been used by more than 100,000 people all over the world.

Clipman 2.0 is basically an easy-to-use, affordable animation video software. Before this creating your own animation is only possible with an expensive software. It will take a lot of time and money to produce one high-quality animation.

However, thanks to Clipman 2.0 software, what was a dream now becomes a reality. Today, anyone can produce his or her own animation even with a low budget.

How Clipman 2.0 works?

Step 1: Pick a template :All of these ready-made templates are provided for you. You don’t need to do anything to produce a quality animation.

Step 2: Step 2 Fill it with your content :Just add any text, images and then edit the video content as you please. You can also create a video from by using a URL.

Step 3: Render: Once you’ve finished all the above steps, the software will render and publish the video for you. Then, you can promote the video anywhere on the internet. You can also create Facebook Ads then post the video on Facebook. All these can be done within the Clipman 2.0 software.

Launch date: October 23rd 2018. More info will be added soon.

My killer Clipman 2.0 bonus

Grab Clipman 2.0 from this website and I will send you my killer Clipman 2.0 bonus pack. They are complementary with the Clipman 2.0 product.

In other words, you will be able to learn new things from these bonus ebooks. Plus, if you are looking for products to sell, then my bonus pack can help. Some of the products listed below come with PLR and others come with MRR.

You don’t need to do anything after making the purchase to claim the bonus files. They will be delivered to you by JVZoo once the purchase is complete. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Clipman 2.0 Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Are you struggling hard to get Facebook traffic? Yes, I know that you might try Facebook/FB because many people are using it.

However, getting traffic from Facebook is getting harder these days. Whether free or paid FB traffic, it cost more money if not time these days. You will realize that lots of businesses are using it to advertise their products.

If you need a change, learn and implement the guide inside this Pinterest Traffic Formula course. This course is not about Facebook. Instead, it is about Pinterest.

But, why use Pinterest? Well:
– It is much less saturated.
– The terms and rules of this website are not as strict as Facebook.
– The traffic is pretty much untapped.
– It is much easier to understand.

Pinterest Traffic Formula course will guide you, one-on-one on Pinterest marketing. Learn the following lessons from this course:
– A quick view of the Pinterest website
– Getting to know your target audience and people who always use Pinterest.
– The correct approach to network and partner up with trusted bloggers in your niche.
– Features and functions of Pinterest that you should know and utilize.
– Tips to make your content and image goes viral on this social site.
– Features of images that will get lots of views and shared by other users.
– The correct methods to gain popularity and increase your followers here.
– Rules of this website that you must comply. Otherwise, you might get banned.
– Steps to make Pinterest traffic comes to you on auto-pilot.

Clipman 2.0 Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is another traffic course. Again, this product is not about using Facebook or Twitter for traffic.

Instead, this product is focusing on Reddit. If you are looking for an untapped traffic goldmine in 2018, Reddit is the way to go. By the time this article is written, Reddit is ranked #4 as the most trafficked websites in the US.

This course can help you in many ways:
– Cut all the expensive advertising cost on Facebook or Google Adwords. Reddit traffic is much cheaper and less saturated.
– Save lots of time on promotion. Using Reddit for promotion and advertising is much easier. Hence, it won’t take a lot of your time.
– Make good ROI from your time and money. If you target too competitive traffic source, you will realize that getting good ROI is very hard.
– Helping others by selling this course. Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint comes with a master resale right. So, you can help others by selling this course. You can keep 100% profit.

This PDF course consists of 2 part:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– A quick view of the Reddit website and your marketing plan.
– Introduction to subreddits.
– Smaller and bigger subreddits advantages and disadvantages.
– When to target smaller subreddits.
– Tips to increase the trust from other Reddit users.
– Reddit Karma is very important for marketing and viral traffic. Find out why.
– Functions and features of Reddit that you should know and use.
– Steps to make the Reddit traffic comes to you on auto-pilot.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing
– An introduction to the Instagram website.
– Important features of Instagram that you must know and use.
– Tricks to use the Instagram tag for getting more relevant traffic to your image.
– A step-by-step system to connect between Instagram and your website.
– Quick reference files are included. Those include PDF, cheat sheets, road maps and more.
– Rules of this social site that you must know. Otherwise, you might get banned.

Clipman 2.0 Bonus #3: WordPress Sales Robot

I am offering you the WordPress Sales Robot for a reason – because this is a PLR product. It is not MRR. In other words, you can modify this software, rebrand with new names, sell it or give it away for free.

WordPress Sales Robot is not just another product – it is a quality PLR product that you can be proud to distribute to others. It also comes with a sales letter and graphics in case you want to sell it.

Other than that, you can also activate this plugin on your website and profit from it. Here’s how it works:

1. Once activated and configured, this robot will display a message offering your visitors a special coupon code. This code can be activated on your shopping cart for a discount.

2. Your visitor will be able to unlock this code only if he/she shares your website on Facebook.

3. In most cases, the majority of your visitors will share your website on Facebook. This is their chance to save the money. As the result, you will get free traffic from Facebook.

4. It didn’t stop there. The majority of your website visitors will also use the coupon code and make their purchase. Yes, they are willing-to-buy visitors. They don’t want to lose the chance to save money. By applying the coupon code immediately, they can grab your product and then save the money.

5. On the other hand, you will get free traffic and more sales to your website. You can think the process like a snowball effect, where the traffic comes again and again from Facebook.

Clipman 2.0 Bonus #4: Profitable Webinars Blueprint

Ever wonder why wealthy gurus make a killing online? While average marketers are struggling to make a sale? One of their powerful weapons is the webinar.

The reason why many average marketers fail is the fact they dismiss the idea of running a webinar. They think that it is hard.

However, once you’ve watched this Profitable Webinars Blueprint video series, you will be surprised how easy it is to run a profitable webinar. This video series is going to show you steps to organize your own webinar, with ease.

Learn the following lessons from this blueprint:
– An overview of the plan that you need to follow.
– List of tools that you must have in your list.
– Getting the attendees by using your joint venture partners.
– Using Facebook to invite others into your webinar.
– Other traffic sources that you can use to get more attendees.
– The secret to close a sale.

These are benefits of running a webinar and why you need the Profitable Webinars Blueprint:
– More engagement from your customers. The problem with the normal website is the fact people don’t tell you anything why they are not buying from you. They will leave just like that. However, with a webinar, you can communicate with your prospects, ask questions and try to solve their problems.
– Get a lot more happy customers. Running a webinar means you sell and target only customers who really need your product. In other words, you can eliminate freebie seekers, serial refunders or people who don’t really need your product. You want to make sure that your customers really get what they want.
– More traffic. Running a webinar means you prove to others that you are a real person, plus you are legit. You are not an actor or perhaps a ghost author. Therefore, more people will come to your website, search your name on the internet and more.
– Learn how to improve in the future. You can track important stats from a webinar. Those are user engagement, the total number of people who leave, the total number of participants who stay until the end. You can also save the webinar recording, as well as the conversation transcript for future reference. This information is very useful if you want to improve your products or webinars in the future.

Profitable Webinars Blueprint also comes with master resale right plus sales letter. In other words, if you think that this product is useful to you, so it would be to others. Feel free to distribute this course to others and help them.

Clipman 2.0 Bonus #5: Niche Authority Gold

If you fail to research for profitable niches, then you are planning to fail. This rule is true when comes to niche marketing.

Many people, whether new or experienced with online marketing, tend jump into competitive niches. For example, weight loss, business to business or even technology. And this is one of the biggest mistakes.

The truth is, there are a lot more niches out there that you and I can tap into. Some of them even in the topics you’ve never heard of. The problem is, most courses out there don’t teach you properly on how to perform the niche research part. Even worse, many of them even recommend to students to sell products in the competitive niches.

This is the reason why I include the Niche Authority Gold one of my exclusive bonus offers. Niche Authority Gold will expose a new approach to the niche research part. In fact, this course is not about trying competitive niches.

Learn the following lessons and more from this course:
– The wrong way to do niche research.
– Developing the right mindset before performing a niche research.
– Get your feet wet by starting with something that you are passionate about.
– Techniques to uncover profitable niches in the topic that you are not familiar with.
– Broad brush vs narrow beam approach. When you need to use either of them.
– Ten of the most popular niche research tools.
– Steps to research for a profitable niche as an affiliate.
– 3 ways to publish your own niche products fast.

How these bonus files are delivered:
1. You need to purchase the Clipman 2.0 product from any link on this website. Click here to purchase Clipman 2.0 product.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send Me Clipman 2.0 bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase.

3. Send that email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com.com. Replace [at] with @.

Click here to visit the Clipman 2.0 official website

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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