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Dropship Selling Academy

Dropship Selling Academy Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Dropship Selling Academy product:

In summary, Dropship Selling Academy will deliver what it promises – the strategies, system, products and software to build a real, solid dropshipping business. This is not a magic bullet or get rich overnight scheme. This is the real strategies to build a successful online business.

All the materials, methods and strategies exposed inside this academy is based on real experience.  In fact, the creator, Devid Farah himself has made over $100,000 from dropshipping business.

Therefore, if you watch the videos and use the software properly, you will succeed in building the real, profitable e-commerce business.

What Dropship Selling Academy can do for you:

– Reveal the exact “weird” products and niches that will bring you lots of cheap traffic and easy money.
– Avoid lots of competition by exposing the exact methods to find untapped “weird” niches.
– Eliminate months time on trial and errors by doing the research manually.
– Filter out bad suppliers that will ruin your business.
– Automate at least 50% of your tasks in writing content and posting into the e-commerce store.
– Reveal the exact formula to find, target and display your ads in front of the right people.
– Brings you lots of cheap, targeted Facebook traffic with good ROI.

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Dropship Selling Academy – our full review

The Dropshipping Selling Academy consist more than just courses – it also includes a useful, time-saver program for  e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The video course itself make Dropship Selling Academy worth of your time. Every important steps are exposed based on the real experience. It is not just theory or fluff. Even better, the entire content and steps are presented in video format, so you can easily understand and implement the techniques.

What’s inside the DropShip Selling Academy course

Dropship Selling Academy course consists of 5 different modules. Let me explain what you will get inside every module:

Module #1 – “The 6-Figure Dropship Blueprint”
Who doesn’t want to know the secrets to rake in up to $100,000 per month? We all do. This video will tell you all the secrets and methods used by the creator, Devid to profit up to $100,000 per month. It is not a theory or fluff. It is the proven, real experience that you can copy. For newbies, this will give you advantages and eliminate lots of time on guesswork.


Module #2 – “Sourcing Secrets Goldmine”
Tired of not making money in competitive niches? Want to know where the real money is? The truth is, the real money can be made by selling weird products in less popular niches. This chapter will explain the strategies to uncover the best-selling, weird products, in untapped niches, which sell like crazy. Plus, you can start the 1-Click Dropship app to fetch these products for you (More about this app later on).

Module #3 – “Facebook Ads Manifesto”
Is Facebook Ads dead? The answer is no. However, the game has changed since more people are using FB to advertise products in competitive niches. This video module will reveal the real case studies to utilize, tweak and profit from Facebook Ads + dropshipping business. Watch, learn and master, the correct way to target the audience, create ad copy and then profit from FB Ads.

Module #4 – “Converting Viewers into Cash”
This tutorial is about tweaking your website and improving the conversion rates. In this module, the creator will explain how he identifies perfect customers every time, who are ready and willing to buy something as soon as they view the ads.

Module #5 – “6-Figure Ad Targeting Secrets”
Now that you have the perfect product, with the perfect landing page and website, it is time to connect them all and profit. Watch this video on how to connect all the elements so that you can connect the perfect weird products with the perfect audience every time.

Features of the Dropship Selling Academy software: The 1-Click Dropship App

As the Dropship Selling Academy buyers, you will be given access to a special software to build a successful drop shipping business. It is called the 1-Click Dropship app.

The 1-Click Dropship App will eliminate a lot of guesswork, as well as saving your time on trial and error part. Plus, it will save yourself a lot of energy on finding, fetching and importing products from the database. The following are features of this software:

1 Click Products Importer: There is no other software can do this so far. Use this function to import hundreds of products from any sources in a few minutes. This function alone makes the entire software worth every single penny.

Unlimited import: Grow your e-commerce business to the insane levels with this function. Use this software to scrap, fetch and then import unlimited number of products and stores from different platforms. Save hours of time on manual work.

More ecom marketplaces to fetch the products from: Want to tap into less competitive niches? Can’t find the correct suppliers? Then, use this software to fetch even more products from Etsy, Bonanza and Banggood. You can search these websites manually, but it will take hours of time. This software will deploy 10 times more products from these marketplaces.

Product Intelligence Technology: Eliminate the guesswork. Trim out the entire advertising cost on trial and error. This function will show you the exact products that will make you money, and which one don’t.

Easy advanced search: Tired of doing manual product research? This will solve your problem. Just use this feature to quickly find any product in any niche. You can find them based on keywords, categories, price, purchase volume, seller rating and more.

Cutting Edge Product Extraction Engine: The breakthrough engine with cutting edge algorithms that will find thousands of products. This feature will save you days to time and hard work.

Shopify Unlimited Product Adder: Add thousands of products into your Shopify store with just a click.

eP Product Finder: Sick and tired of adding the products manually into your online store? The eP Product Finder can help. Use this function to fill your online store with products, as well as hiding those products.

Built-in Editor Technology: If you don’t like the current product element, this feature can edit and modify that. Use this function to instantly edit product description, price, title, tags, category and more.

Amazing, easy-to-use interface: The easy-to-use interface ensures that you can navigate, use and finally profit from this software quickly. Plus, there are tons of videos to walk you through the process.

Cloud-based app. No download or installation required: You can run this software on any operating system, with any type of browser. No need to download or install anything.

Dropship Selling Academy review

Dropship Selling Academy launch bonus – Available on the launch week only

Dropship Selling Academy launch bonus – Available on the launch week only

Grab the Dropship Selling Academy during the launch week and you are qualified to get the following bonus offers. These offers will be delivered by the creators of Dropship Selling Academy himself, Devid Farah.

Also, these offers are available only for a limited time, so if you are late, then probably they are gone for good.

FB Seeker Extractor (Limited time only. Will be pulled soon. – $797 VALUE): Bring relevant, rapid-buyers from Facebook in seconds. Build a huge database of customers in no time. FB Seeker Extractor software is the engine that will fetch and return the important data from Facebook. For example emails, telephone, URL, address in one click. After that, you can filter out the important data, get filter out freebie seekers and then export to CSV or PDF.


Ecom Messenger Marketing Suite ($697 VALUE): Re-target your customers on Facebook messenger. Zero cost spent, free traffic. This tools will send messages automatically to all customers that will increase your overall profits. For example, it will send a message once the customer leave the cart or when the order is confirmed. Best of all, this software suite will also create targeted contents for your customers via FB Messenger, based on their past purchases.

WooCommerce Product Designer ($397 VALUE): An excellent tool for creative minds. Sell the unique products via your own store and attact more customers. This tool will design products according to your ideas, add the product into the cart and the information will be included in the order. This software is useful if you do POD, T-shirts, shoes, hats, football, cars, card, printing services and more.

FB Trending Post Finder ($297 VALUE): Get more viral traffic from trending posts. Laser target the right audience on FB. This software will find trending and most engaging content from any of your favorite Facebook pages. Some of its features:
– Monitor serveral FB pages.
– Download Facebook videos to your computer or use the video URL.
– Scrap any type of content from the posts. For example, video, photo, status, link).
– Group the pages into different categories.
– Import and export the database in CSV format.

70 Wholesale And Dropshipping Source ($197 VALUE): This is the #1 secret resource used by the creators to build a six-figure monthly business. Inside this pack, you will discover the low cost merchandise that you can sell and gain a huge ROI from. Rake in thousands of dollars per week from e-commerce.

2500 Top Selling Products ($97 VALUE): Tired of researching for profitable niches? Want something for a change? This report is going to blow your mind. These are 2,500 proven, best selling producs across 10 super profitable niches. It is available only during the launch week, so hurry!

The Ultimate Dropshipper course ($67 VALUE): Diversify your knowledge on dropshipping. Inside this course, you will discover how to find and select the best eCom products to sell. Plus, how to automate the process with every step that you need to follow in order to make the dropshipping business a lot more profitable.

My killer Dropship Selling Academy bonus package

My bonus products below are complementary with the Dropship Selling Academy product. In other words, you can learn something new related to Amazon, list building and internet marketing from my bonus offer below. Some of these bonuses will teach you something that is not available in the Dropship Selling Academy product.

Plus, if you are looking for products to sell, some of my bonus files below come with MRR and PLR. So, feel free to sell these products like your own, if you wish. All of these files will be delivered to you after the purchase by JVZoo.com system. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #1: Alibaba Profit System

Alibaba Profit System is an e-commerce course. Now, I know that there is a lot of e-commerce course these days. However, this product gives more attention to Alibaba rather than Amazon Associate or Shopify.

If you want to learn e-commerce, this course will be a big help. You cannot avoid using Alibaba if you run an online store.

However, if you don’t want to learn e-commerce, but know customers who are interested, you can sell this course if you want. Alibaba Profit System comes with master resell right, plus sales letter. So, you can sell this product if you wish.

List of lessons inside the Alibaba Profit System:
– An overview of the Alibaba website.
– The pros and cons of using the Alibaba.com marketplace.
– Market and product research techniques. Not all products are high in demand. You must somehow uncover markets with high product demand but less saturated.
– Tips to reduce your risk as the buyer. Alibaba has thousands of sellers that you need to be careful. These tips can be used to filter out bad sellers and good ones.
– Things that you need to ask the suppliers. Once you are ready to order the product, it is time to contact the supplier. This part will outline important points to include in your message.
– Steps to test the samples. Testing is important before you order the products in bulk. Watch over the shoulders on how to test the samples.
– The art of negotiation. The video will explain what to do once the sample checks out. That is the correct way to negotiate with the supplier.
– Payment and shipping part. Watch how to make the payment, as well as what to do once the product gets shipped into your address.
– Reasons why you should record the unboxing process in a video.

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #2: Shopify Blueprint

It is no secret that e-commerce business can make you rich. However, there are so many resources about e-commerce that makes you confuse.

In case you are confused about where to get started, then the Shopify Blueprint is the way to go. Unlike other e-commerce courses, Shopify Blueprint gives special attention only to the Shopify platform. This is the best e-commerce software to date. The Shopify Blueprint consists of several modules, each of them are presented in the video tutorial.

The following are the list of modules inside this course:

Getting Started With Shopify: This module is an overview of the step-by-step system. The video will talk about the basic part of Shopify, comparison with other shopping carts and why is it the best.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you can configure the system itself. Watch this video to see the features and how to configure Shopify the correct way.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: Unlike other site builders, you don’t need to become a professional designer to build a professional-looking website with Shopify. Just pick an appealing template from the list. After that, you are good to go. This video will explain how to set up the payment and shipping methods.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: While setting up the store is easy, finding profitable products to sell is hard. You need to know the right strategies in order to identify hot, profitable markets and product. This video will explain the details of this process.

How To Create a Buy Button / Shopping Cart: While it sounds easy to some people, you need to implement this part carefully. Otherwise, if there is an error, you won’t receive the money into the bank account. Learn the correct way to set up your own shopping cart.

Launching Your E-Store: This is the traffic part. Just watch the video and you will be amazed to see that the real result comes in quickly. Literally, in just a few hours.

Other Money Making Ideas: If you have some kind of problem to sell your own products on the website, then this module is for you. There are tons of other ways to monetize your Shopify store, including affiliate links and dropshipping.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: Shopify makes it easy to migrate from other platforms. You don’t need to rebuild your website from scratch. Learn from this video and implement the techniques.

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #3: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

Are you struggling hard to get social media traffic? I bet you do. The reason is simple – many people out there recommend using Facebook for traffic. However, the problem with Facebook is the fact lots of businesses are targeting this social site. Which makes it hard to get traffic anymore.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is a refreshing course. Rather than teaching the readers about Facebook, it focuses on alternative platforms: Reddit and Instagram.

Reddit is the most viral social website in 2018. In fact, it is the number 6th most trafficked websites in the world. Since the popularity is still on the rise, you can get easy traffic from Reddit when compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a photo sharing platform. If you can find interesting images, you can make it goes viral on Instagram.

This blueprint consists of 2 parts:
Part 1: Tapping into the Reddit marketing
– The Reddit website at a glance.
– Find out why Reddit is the way to go in 2018.
– Subreddits are the smaller components of Reddit. Discover how to use subreddits to interact with the community.
– Bigger subreddits or smaller subreddits. Find out its advantages and its disadvantages.
– Reddit Karma is the feature that you should focus on. Find out how to use it.
– Features and functions of Reddit that shouldn’t miss.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– A quick view of the Instagram website.
– Functions and features of Instagram that you should know and utilize.
– Learn how to use the Instagram tag to your advantage.
– The step-by-step system to integrate Instagram with your own website.
– Important rules and terms of this social website. You must know this in order to avoid being banned.
– The cheat sheet, PDFs and quick reference guide.

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #4: WP Sales Robot

WordPress is the number one CMS today. WordPress Sales Robot makes your WP site even better. This is more than just a free plugin. This is actually both conversion and traffic plugin.

The idea behind this plugin is ingenious. Here’s whom the WordPress Sales Robot works:

1. Once activated and configured within the dashboard, this plugin will hover a message to your visitors. It will offer a special code, known as the coupon code.

2. In order to unlock the coupon code, one visitor must share your website on Facebook.

3. If he/she shares your website, you will get free traffic from his Facebook account. And the visitor will get the free coupon code.

4. If the visitor uses the coupon code and made the purchase, you will earn the money. While the visitor will be happy with his/her purchase – he is able to get the same product at a cheaper price.

WP Sales Robot also comes with PLR. So, you can give this plugin away to others in exchange for email contacts, if you wish. Or, you can also sell it and keep 100% profit.

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #5: WP Review Me

Getting trust from your visitors is the way to boost the conversion rates of your website. One way to get real trust from website visitors is by letting existing customers leave reviews on your website.

This plugin will let your existing traffic easily leave reviews on your website. That is by creating an online form and let them leave reviews.

Features of this plugin:

Easy customization: Change the appearance of the review pages as you please. Test different variations for maximum profits. Plus, it will display the review list in an organized way, so more visitors will feel to write a review.

Display the review at 3 different parts on your website: Just customize this plugin anywhere on the website, whether on the widget, sidebar, content plus also as content/post page. You can get the feedback anywhere on your blog.

Dropship Selling Academy Bonus #6: Buyers Generation 3.0

What’s more important than having an email list, is to profit from your list. Most people know about the importance of list building. However, only a few of them make the real money from the list.

The reason is simple – most of them fail to get the real buyers into their list. Many list building courses out there teach others on how to build a list. Buyers Generation 3.0 is different. It teaches how to build buyers’ list.

Lessons that you can learn from this course:
5 different methods to build highly responsive buyers: These methods are highly responsive and you should know and implement them.

How to convince other people to send buyers to your list: This killer method is going to build you a list fast. You can even make the competitors send the buyer traffic without ad swap or cross promotions.

How to use viral reports to build yourself a buyers list: Giving free reports is a proven method to grow an email list. However, if you do it the wrong way, you will end up with tons of freebie seekers. This video will talk about how to distribute free reports the correct way.

Build your credibility and be seen as an authority: The video will talk about the importance of credibility. Once people like and trust you, they are willing to subscribe into your list.

Launch jacking methods: This is killer methods to build a list for beginners. Product launches are where a lot of money can be made.

4 great places to look for Joint Ventures: Joint venture marketing is a great technique to find affiliate partners. People who already have a list will also look for products to promote and profit from. This video will talk in details about joint venture marketing.

Master the art of persuasion: There are 4 important points in the proposal with other marketers in order to build your list from scratch.

Plus, a lot more will be taught in this video tutorial.

Buyers Generation 3.0 also comes with sales letter, cover graphics, and master resale right. So, in case you love it, others would too. Feel free to sell this product to others and then keep 100% of the profits. You will be amazed how many buyers will thank you for recommending Buyers Generation 3.0 to them.

Steps to claim these bonus offers:
1. Purchase the Dropship Selling Academy product from this website.

2. I already link-up between my bonus page and the JVZoo.com system. In case you didn’t know, JVZoo manages the Dropship Selling Academy product delivery, as well as my bonus offers. Hence, once you’ve made the purchase, the download links for my bonus page will be sent to you.

3. On the other hand, you can also claim these bonus files by contacting me, Robert Simmons. Compose an email and then mention the date of purchase, as well as the transaction ID in your email. Send the email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com.

Click here to visit the Dropship Selling Academy official website

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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