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Email Profits PLR

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Overview of Email Profits PLR product:

Email Profits PLR is basically an email marketing course + done-for-you package. The course itself comes with the real case studies plus step-by-step system to profit from the email marketing. And then, the done-for-you package can also help you implement the techniques right away.

Who needs the Email Profits PLR product
Newbies: In other words, if you are new to email marketing, this product can help you, a lot. The PDF course is 100% practical for everyone. Even better, the done-for-you products are included with your purchase. This includes a free report, done-for-you squeeze page, cheat sheet. Therefore, you can implement the techniques and profit from this product as fast as you can.

Experienced marketers: If you are looking for a PLR product, then Email Profits PLR is the one that you should go for. I know that there are too many PLR products in the IM niche these days, but Email Profits PLR is different. Not only you can re-brand or re-sell this product, but you can also read and learn something from it. This is not a typical PLR ebook. This is actually a real product, with quality tutorials plus case studies.

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What’s inside the Email Profits PLR product

1. High-quality eBook product.
This is the main eBook called the Email Profits. It is a brand new guide based on real experience and case studies. So, it is not just fluff or theory. While this is a PLR product, it is also a real, quality product. The Email Profits PLR eBook was written by Keith Dougherty personally, with 10 years of experience in the online world.

Here are list of features with this eBook:
– Over 44 pages of how to profit from email marketing. This is a real, step-by-step content. 100% unique.
– The DOC file is provided so you can edit as you please.
– This product is properly and professionally formated that you can sell it as your own.
– A PDF file of this book is included.

2. Step-by-step blueprints:
This is the shorter version of the main product. Some people want to learn quickly with easy steps to follow. If you or your customers already read the main product, this blueprint can be used as a quick reference.

3. Resource Guide:
The resource guide is a compilation of tools and sites that you can use for the marketing campaigns. Remember, this is actually a PLR product, so you can edit the DOC file and then add your own resources, such as your affiliate links. You can also add your own website or perhaps give away the resource guide as it is. Both DOC and PDF versions are included.

4. Easy To Follow Cheat Sheet
This is actually a checklist of things that you should do once you’ve finished with the main guide. You can implement all the tips inside quickyl and this sheet will allow you to do that.

5. Ready-Made Sales Funnel
The ready-made sales page, both for the main offer and downsell are provided. So you can sell this product right away and keep 100% of its profits. All you need to do is edit the code and then add your own order button. If you have an existing email list, this sales page will be very useful. In case the visitors are about to leave, you can stop them from leaving by sending them to a downsell page.

6. Lead Magnet & Custom Opt-in Page
This a the lead magnet which is meant to help you getting more people to the email list. The opt-in page is professionally done. In other words, stunning graphics are added to attract subscribers.

7. High-Quality Professional Graphics
This is the compilation of entire graphics library:
– Ecovers. It comes with all formats; flat cover, CD, DVD, small report, combo styles and software box.
– PSD source code is included that you can edit the graphics with Photoshop.
– Minisite template.

8. Promotional Email Swipes
These are sample emails or messages. You can use these swipe emails to get instant traffic from various sources. For example, your existing buyer list, social media accounts, forums and more. While you can also write the email content on your own, these swipe files can save a lot of time, especially if you want instant profits.

License and Rights
Of course, you will get the PLR, MRR and RR licenses. In other words, you can edit these products as you please and then sell. You can also sell this product the way it is. In other words, it is completely up to you on how to profit from these products and make money from them.

My bonus, complementary with Email Profits PLR

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus products below. They are not part of the Email Profits PLR, but they are complementary with the Email Profits PLR product.

In other words, you can learn new tips from my bonus files below, which doesn’t being taught inside Email Profits PLR product. Also, if you are looking for something to sell or give away, feel free to use my bonus files below. Some of my bonus offers have MRR and PLR.

The download page of these products are integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so you will be directed to them once the purchase is completed. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Email Profits PLR Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula, in my opinion, is very useful if you are into affiliate marketing. The reason is simple – you can make a lot of money from your mailing list. In fact, building a list is a proven method to build a solid business for years.

Unlike other courses out there, Autoresponder Profit Formula will walk you all the way from scratch. In other words, from starting a mailing list, autoresponder basics to the advanced techniques.

Even better, this course is not presented in PDF books only. Instead, it comes with video tutorials. Best of all, marketing tools like swipe email, the sample of squeeze pages and upsell pages are included. So, you can implement all the techniques right away.

The following are the content of this product:
Part 1: List building basics
– Summary of the entire system.
– The solid gameplan to follow before you start building a list.
– List of elements to increase conversion rates of your squeeze pages.
– Traffic generation techniques for list builders and email marketers.

Part 2: Grow a buyer list
– The reasons why getting more buyers is more important than getting lots of freebie seekers.
– Steps that you can take to get tons of buyer traffic to your website.
– Techniques to become an authority in your topic to increase popularity and get massive buyer traffic.
– Joint venture marketing secrets and why you should leverage the power of joint venture partners for effective promotion.
– List of free blogs and forums where you can participate into and get the traffic from.
– The secret of launch jacking and how to use it for easy traffic and more subscribers.
– Common mistakes made by newbies that you should know and avoid.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– Overview of the process of selling a high-ticket product.
– The reasons why selling a high-ticket product is much harder compared to the low-ticket product.
– Techniques to overcome the obstacle that stops your subscribers from buying a high-ticket product.
– Complete toolsets are included, such as swipe email, sample videos, upsell page and sample of squeeze pages.

Email Profits PLR Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

If you are struggling hard to get the traffic, then learn and implement the strategies taught in this course. Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is about getting the traffic from the untapped traffic source. Those are Reddit and Instagram.

Thousands of marketers and businesses are focusing on Facebook today, and this is the real problem. Too many companies are promoting their brands on Facebook, making this social site saturated with competition. Advertising your offers on Facebook is not as cheap as it was years ago.

However, if you try Reddit marketing, that is another story. Reddit is less saturated and not many companies are trying it yet. Even better, the popularity of Reddit is rising in 2018. By the time is post is written, Reddit is ranked number 6 as the most trafficked sites on the web.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint consists of the following parts:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– The reasons why you should go on with Reddit marketing.
– A quick glance at the entire system and how to market products on Reddit effectively.
– Definition of subreddits and it’s relation with you.
– The pros and cons of bigger subreddits.
– Smaller subreddits can be useful for targeted traffic. Find out why and how to use it.
– Reddit Karma system can increase your popularity and traffic. Find out the truth about using the Karma system.
– List of features and functions on the Reddit website that you should know and take advantage of.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– A quick glance at the Instagram website.
– Useful features within Instagram that you should know and use.
– Techniques to get a relevant audience and traffic by using tags.
– A step-by-step system to connect your website with the Instagram account.
– The secrets to making your images here go viral.
– Instagram policy and terms that you need to know and comply. Otherwise, you might get banned.
– PDF files plus cheat sheet that you can use for quick reference.

Email Profits PLR Bonus #3: WP Sales Robot with PLR

It is no secret that people who are looking for coupon code are real buyers. Yes, they want to save their money. So if you can offer the same product, but at the discounted price, they will more likely to buy something from you.

This is why the WP Sales Robot works like a charm. WP Sales Robot increase both traffic and sales by offering your visitors a special coupon code.

Here’s how this WordPress plugin works:
1. After you’ve configured this plugin on WordPress admin area, the plugin will hover a message offering coupon code to your visitor.

2. In other to unlock the coupon code, your visitor must share your website on Facebook.

3. If the visitor shares your website, he will be able to view and use the coupon code. On the other hand, you will be able to get more free traffic from Facebook.

4. Your visitor won’t resist buying since he/she can get the same product at a lower price. Hence, once he/she made the purchase you will be making the money. And your visitor will be happy with he/her purchase.

WP Sales Robot is a PLR product. So, you can use this plugin as a gift to grow your mailing list. You can also sell this plugin and keep 100% profits to yourself.

Email Profits PLR Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

If you are new to online marketing, probably you know the importance of learning and mastering SEO. The reason is simple – search engine traffic is huge and targeted. Which makes it the best when comes to online marketing.

The only big problem is, many newbies don’t have a clue on how to get ranked on Google or Bing. Yes, there are a lot of free or paid resources teaching others about SEO. But for SEO newbies, this is where the real problem lies. Too many SEO techniques existed, but not one resource teach the real, solid foundation for newbies.

The truth is, you don’t need to catch up with all of those resources, especially the free ones. You just need to know the basics of SEO, and then get ranked for easier keywords first. After that, you can aim to get even more traffic by ranking for harder keywords.

The SEO Success Blueprint is the first course that you should go for when comes to SEO. Unlike other resources out there, it will help newbies get started with easier SEO tasks first.

In other words, this PDF course will outline important aspects of SEO. Some of them include backlinks, on-page SEO, content creation, article marketing, and press release marketing.

Once you master the fundamental parts of SEO, it will be easier to get ranked for tougher keywords.

Email Profits PLR Bonus #5: Coupon List Builder

One effective method to grow your list is by offering them a special coupon code, in exchange for email signups.

A coupon code is a special code that will unlock your product at a discounted price. If your visitors really want to save their money, they will surely signup to your newsletter. Unlike other types of freebies, offering a coupon code is very effective. Saving their money is something that most people want.

The Coupon List Builder is exactly the software that will automate the process. Just set up and activate this software, and you will grow a huge list of buyers with the power of coupon code.

Email Profits PLR Bonus #6: Niche Authority Gold

Finding profitable niches is a hard task for online marketers. Still, it is the first step that you and I need to take in order to build a solid business online.

There could be thousands of methods to research for profitable online niches. Niche Authority Gold is going to teach you solid methods that work. This video course is geared to all type of marketers, whether newbies or experienced.

Newbies will know and learn the right direction on how to do niche research. While experienced marketers will learn useful tips from this video training series.

List of lessons that you will learn from this video course:
– The wrong way to do niche research.
– The correct niche finders mindset that you need to know and develop.
– Techniques to research the markets that you already know.
– Strategies to find a niche that you are not familiar with.
– Broad niches pros and cons. Learn when to use the broad approach.
– Find out when to use narrow beam approach.
– List of popular niche finder tools that you need to know and utilize properly.
– Discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketers.
– Creating and selling your own niche products fast.

Niche Authority Gold comes with sales letter, cover graphics, and master resale right. So, you can help others by selling this product and keep 100% profits. This is a great video course that you can be proud to sell it off.

How the bonus above are delivered:
1. You need to purchase Email Profits PLR product only from this website. If you purchase somewhere else, you won’t receive the download link. Click here to make your purchase at the Email Profits PLR official website.

2. Wait for a few minutes until your order is processed. Your tracking and payment are processed by JVZoo.com and Paypal.

3. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Email Profits PLR bonus”. Please state your date of purchase and Paypal transaction ID.

4. Send your email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.

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