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Lingo Blaster Review

Lingo Blaster Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Introduction: Why Lingo Blaster?

Getting the traffic from an English-based content is hard these days. Especially when more people are connected online and upload their own content on Youtube or Facebook.

However, the good news is, there’s a lot of traffic can be made by publishing content in French, Germany or even Spanish. The entire world is changing and the internet is more than just about the English-based content these days. You can also tap into non-English markets and get a lot more traffic.

Lingo Blaster is the ONLY software on the market that helps you get traffic from non-English countries. Just as the name implies, Lingo Blaster will blast and rank your videos in 100’s of different languages. Plus, this software will also change the title and video description into the language of the viewer.

Best of all, the entire process doesn’t require much time. This can be done in 3 clicks. So, not only you can save a lot of money on paying for translators, but you can also save time on translating the videos yourself.

Launch date: October 17th 2018. More details will be added soon. 

Lingo Blaster review

My killer Lingo Blaster bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus products below. They are not part of Lingo Blaster product, but they will add more value to your purchase.

Plus, you will want to watch some of the video tutorials inside my bonus offers below since they contain useful tips. You can also sell some of these files below since they come with MRR or PLR.

The download link of my bonus offers will be sent to you automatically once you’ve made the purchase. You don’t need to do anything, other than getting Lingo Blaster via my website.
(More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Lingo Blaster Bonus #1: Youtube Traffic Secrets

We all agree that Youtube is a great traffic source. For a few reasons:
– More conversions: The content is presented in video format. So, you can pre-sell to your visitors via video and they will be more likely to buy from you.
– Targeted traffic: People use Youtube as a search engine these days. If they want to hunt for reviews, they will enter relevant keywords into the search box at Youtube.com website. Therefore, just like Google or Bing traffic, Youtube traffic is laser-targeted.
– Viral marketing: Youtube provides tools and functions that encourage its users to share their favorite videos. If you have a lot of fans on Youtube, all your videos will be shared all over the web and go viral.

However, these are some of the problems when comes to Youtube marketing:
– Most people don’t know how to leverage the functions of Youtube.com website properly.
– Majority of Youtube users think that getting the traffic from this video site is hard.
– Newbies will forget about Youtube marketing since they are scared to speak in the video presentation.
– Most people fail to promote their Youtube videos properly. As the result, the total views and traffic from their video are very low.

If you are struggling hard to get Youtube traffic, you need to learn and implement the techniques in this course. Youtube Traffic Secrets is the exact methods used by top channels to get 10,000 views per week plus 1000’s of subscribers per month.

Yes, getting that amount of views per week is possible. However, you need to know what you are doing. Plus, you have to work hard for it. All you need to do is utilize all the functions and features that come with Youtube properly. All of that is exposed inside this PDF course.

Lingo Blaster Bonus #2: Rapid Amazon Research

The niche, keyword, and product research parts are the processes that stop most people from making real money online. Now, we all agree that we need to research properly first before starting one campaign. However, we also know that the research part takes a lot of time.

Rapid Amazon Research package will save yourself all the time. This is not another guide on how to perform the market research. This is a done-for-you product + keyword list + video reviews for hot, best-selling Amazon products.

You don’t need to:
– Perform product research. List of hot products is included in this package. All these products are good products. They are given at least a 4-star rating, with at least 10 user reviews.
– Perform keyword research. The keyword lists relevant to the products above are included with this package. This package also comes with a total number of search volume, average CPC for each keyword, EMD.
– Create your own video review. Rapid Amazon Research pack comes with ready-made video reviews for all customers. Feel free to use them as their own. Or you can edit and tweak those as you please.

Rapid Amazon Research is not for you if you already know how to perform the research part correctly. However, for beginners, this package will be a big help.

Lingo Blaster Bonus #3: Publish Ebook On Kindle

It is no secret that selling your own ebook online is the way to make easy money. Since the creation of the internet, selling ebooks is one amazing business model. For a few reasons:
– You can avoid from paying the shipping part.
– No hassle to find publishers to print your books. This is different from traditional paper books.
– The production cost is much cheaper, so it will be possible to make easy money.
– You can present the content not only via text documents but also by using video.

However, the only problem is you don’t know where to sell the ebooks online. The internet is wide open, so of course, you need to start somewhere.

Publish Ebook On Kindle is going to solve all that. This video tutorial will teach you how to sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle. While there could be other places where you can publish and sell ebooks, Kindle marketplace is the one that you should go for.

These are some of the reasons:
– Amazon.com is the largest book retailer online. So of course, you will get lots of interested buyers from its marketplace.
– The Kindle Direct Publishing is geared to ease your entire selling process.
– After the ebooks are uploaded, you can re-edit the content and then sell it again if you wish.
– People trust the Amazon.com brand since this is one of the most popular brands on the internet.
– Amazon.com has thousands of super affiliates promoting their products. So, you can make super affiliates work for you.

Publish Ebook On Kindle is the first course that anyone should go for if he/she wants to build a solid ebook business online. Best of all, it is presented in video format, so anyone can follow and understand the whole concept.

Lingo Blaster Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint

Shopify Blueprint is actually an e-commerce course. While an e-commerce course like this had been sold for at least $497 in the past, today it is free if you purchase Lingo Blaster from this website.

Unlike other courses out there, Shopify Blueprint gives more attention to the Shopify platform. This is the best e-commerce store builder available today.

While using this platform could sound too hard for many people, it is actually quite easy. All you need to do is watch this course and follow along. Yes, all the lessons are presented in HD videos. So rest assured, you can easily follow and understand all the important steps.

Learn the following and even more from Shopify Blueprint course:
– The reasons why you should switch to Shopify today, even if you already run an online store with other platforms.
– Comparison of monthly and yearly plans for Shopify software.
– Niche research techniques that will help you uncover profitable niches with high demand, hot products, and low competition.
– Walkthrough of the Shopify dashboard where you can configure your online store.
– Step-by-step techniques to set up the payment processor, the store design, buy button and the shopping cart.
– Tips to launch the online store, as well as the traffic generation techniques.
– Profit from the Shopify e-store without selling your own products.
– The process to migrate from other e-commerce platforms, like BigCommerce to Shopify.

Shopify Blueprint also comes with a master resale right. So, in case you know about buyers who are interested in e-commerce, then you can sell this Shopify Blueprint course to them.

Your customers will surely happy with their purchase since this is a great product. On the other hand, you will be proud to sell this product like your own and keep 100% profits.

Lingo Blaster Bonus #5: WP Sales Robot

WP Sales Robot is a unique PLR product. This is not another PLR video course. It is actually a quality WordPress plugin. Unlike other software out there, WP Sales Robot increases both traffic and conversion.

Here’s how this plugin works:
1. Once activated, this plugin will hover a message that offers your visitor a special coupon code. This is a special code that allows your visitor to get your product at a discounted price.

2. The coupon code will be unlocked only if the visitor shares your website on Facebook.

3. If she or he shares the website on Facebook, you will get more traffic from his Facebook account.

4. The visitor, on the other hand, will be able to unlock the coupon code.

5. After that, she/he will make the purchase right away. This is the opportunity for your visitor to save money. So, she/he won’t waste any more time.

6. Once your visitor made the purchase, you will enjoy profits here. And then, your visitor will be happy with her/his purchase.

WP Sales Robot also comes with sales letter and graphics. You can sell this product to anyone that you wish. Or, you can also give it away, for free, in exchange for email contacts.

Lingo Blaster Bonus #6: Smart Agent Pro

Smart Agent Pro is a conversion booster software. It works by displaying a chat box to your visitors when they are about to leave. In other words, you can block your visitor, chat with him/her and then try to solve their problems.

You can ask him/her questions, give what he/she needs or perhaps offer him/her something else. For example, it could be a link to a survey, a coupon code, or perhaps an affiliate link to someone else’s product.

This is a genius way to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversions of your website.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. All the bonus offers above are available when you purchase Lingo Blaster from this website. Click here to purchase Lingo Blaster product.

2. After a few minutes, you will receive the access to Lingo Blaster product. The download URL of my bonus offers above will also be sent to you.

You don’t need to do anything since the delivery process is automatic. I already integrate the bonus download page with JVZoo.com system, so the delivery process will be done automatically.

3. If you have any question or perhaps you prefer getting the bonus via email, feel free to contact me, Robert Simmons. Send an email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com.

In case you want to claim the bonus via email, please mention your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase.

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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