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MSGLock Review

MSGLock Review, OTO Info, Discount + Complementary Bonus

Overview of MSGLock product

MSGLock is one advanced content-locking platform. In case you didn’t know, content-locking is the way to grow your list of subscribers.

This is done by locking the website content in exchange for your visitor’s email address. The visitor must fill her/his email first, in order to unlock the content.

Content-locking is not really a new concept. There are tons of content-locking software I’ve seen before. However, the majority of them lack at certain parts. For example:
– The software will lock the content immediately, rather than waiting for a few seconds to start locking.
– Lack of features and integration. You need to purchase additional software programs, and then combine them together if you need more content-locking functions.

MSGLock software solves these problems by adding a lot more features into the software. Plus, with a smaller price tag.

Why MSGLock platform is different

These are some advantages of MSGLock when compared to other platforms:

Collecting Both Email And Messenger Subscribers: If you want to build a list, then you can use MSGLock or other content-locking platforms that you want.

On the other hand, if you want to diversify the traffic sources, MSGLock is the best option. Why? It is because MSGLock allows you to collect messenger subscribers. Which means you have more ways to contact your subscribers in the future.

All-in-One Platform: The MSGLock software can lock any type of content. This can be done with just one platform. No need to purchase additional software.

Lock just about any type of content that you wish:
– Lead magnets file (lock the content inside lead magnet files).
– PDF files (you can lock the content inside PDF files)
– Video (lock the videos on any website)

This is different when compared to other content-locking platforms, where you can lock certain type of content only. For example, you can lock only text content with one software. However, if you want to lock video content, you need to purchase additional software to do so.

The Ability To lock Content During Consumption: One problem with other content-locking solutions out there, is they will lock the content at the wrong time.

For example, if one visitor just arrives at your website, the web content will be locked immediately. The visitor doesn’t have the chance to see whether your blog content is relevant to her/him.

As the result, most of them will leave your website empty-handed. Others might enter a fake email address so they can view the web content.

On the other hand, MSGLock is different. This platform allows you to view the content first before locking it. For example, the content will be locked only after 5 minutes after your visitor read the content. She/He will have a chance to view the content first, read whatever they find interesting.

However, after 5 minutes, if one visitor wants to continue reading, she/he must signup into your newsletter. As the result, you can get more real email addresses into your subscriber list. Plus, your subscribers will be more than happy to read your newsletter and purchase something from you later on.

4. More Customizations. More Integration With Various Site Builders: MSGLock comes with a lot of customizations. This allows you to make the locking experience on your own. Plus, this MSGLock platform is compatible with tons of site builders including WordPress.


My killer MSGLock bonus

MSGLock is already a quality product. However, if you want to add more value to your purchase then I can help. My MSGLock bonus below will help you earn even more from online marketing and MSGLock product.

Plus, if you have an existing website or perhaps a list, you can sell some of my bonus products below. Some of them have master resale rights, which means you can sell them however you want. Then keep 100% of the profits.

Please send me an email to claim these bonus offers after your purchase is complete.  (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

MSGLock Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

It is no secret that having an email list is the way to build a solid online business. Emails have proven to stand the test of time. Despite the rise of social networking sites, emails are still relevant since the born of the internet, until today.

However, if you want to send a promotion via emails, you must not send spams. Otherwise, it will give a negative impact to your own promotional efforts. In case you don’t know the correct method to grow an email list, the Autoresponder Profit Formula course can help.

This is a complete guide on how to grow and profit from an email list, even if you know nothing about list building.

Let me explain one by one what’s inside this course:
Part 1: List building for beginners
– An overview of email marketing.
– The recommended game plan that you can follow.
– Squeeze pages, bribes and how to use them.
– Crafting a landing page.
– Getting the traffic to your landing page.
– Earn money by selling products to your list.
– The art of writing good follow-up emails.

Part 2: Growing the real buyer’s list
– 5 effective strategies that are used by gurus to build a list of responsive buyers.
– Tricks to convince other people to send real buyers to your list. This tactic works like a charm even if they are your competitors.
– Viral report secrets and how to distribute your own reports correctly to get real buyers. If you don’t know this method, your viral report will attract only freebie seekers.
– The step-by-step system to build your credibility and be seen as an authority. This part is super important. Once others know you, they will trust you and follow your recommendations.
– Launch jacking methods, why it really works and how to leverage the traffic from the launch jacking methods.
– List of websites that you can register and get a lot of joint venture partners. These JV partners are powerful to bring you a massive amount of real, buyer traffic.
– Persuasion techniques that work. Discover the important points to build your buyer’s list when asking other marketers in your niche.
– Tips to maximize the newly built list of buyers for consistent monthly income.
– Common list building mistakes that you should know and avoid.

Part 3: Make a killing from your list
– Find out how super affiliates and making $3000 per month by sending a few emails per week.
– The secret to selling high-ticket products to your existing list of subscribers.
– The tools that you can plug into and then sell products to your list. These tools include upsell-page, 7-day autoresponder series and special report.
– List of traffic sources that you can use to sell your products, including top forums, social media sites.
– The keywords that you can target on search engines for relevant traffic and great conversion rates.

MSGLock Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Tired of not getting the traffic to your website? Need a change? This course can help.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is about getting a lot of traffic from untapped traffic sources. Those are Reddit and Instagram.

While most people are using Facebook or FB for traffic, this course is not going to teach you anything about Facebook. The reason is simple – Facebook traffic is saturated with a lot of businesses are using it for advertising. It will be hard to get good ROI from Facebook Ads, especially when you are into competitive niches.

Reddit traffic is different. It is basically a new traffic goldmine. And then, while the popularity of Reddit is rising in 2018, lots of business and marketers are not using it yet. Which means, this is a huge opportunity for small companies and newbies.

The only problem is, not many guides out there are teaching on how to use Reddit effectively for traffic. This is why I highly recommend that you download and learn from this course.

Let me explain what you will learn from this PDF books:
Part 1: Reddit marketing
– A quick glance at the Reddit website.
– The reasons why you should be focusing on Reddit today.
– Subreddits and what it has to do with you.
– Bigger subreddits, its pros and when to use it.
– Smaller subreddits, the pros, and cons. Plus, learn when to utilize it.
– The secret to using Reddit Karma system to gain popularity on this social website.
– Useful features of Reddit that you shouldn’t miss.

Part 2:
– An overview of the Instagram website and system.
– Tools and features within Instagram that you can leverage from.
– The power of “hashtags” to drive relevant, quality traffic to your content.
– Steps to connect between Instagram and your own domain name.
– The rules of this website that you must know and follow. Otherwise, you might get banned.
– Quick reference to the entire system in PDFs and cheat sheet.

MSGLock Bonus #3: Youtube Traffic Secrets

Youtube is the number one video search engine. In fact, it is the new way to watch videos. I bet that the majority of us already watch Youtube more often than our traditional television shows. Youtube is already hot and its popularity will grow bigger in the future.

Therefore, if you don’t jump into Youtube traffic today, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Youtube Traffic Secrets is the course that will guide you all the way to getting massive traffic from this website.

Ever wonder why some videos get 100,000 views per week, while others could barely receive 1000 views for years? This PDF book will explain the real secret to get 10,000 Youtube views per week.

The techniques outlined in this book is not that complicated. In fact, you are free to use whatever video maker app that you like. The trick is to use features provided by Youtube itself.

Want to know how to use them? Grab the MSGLock product and I will send you this book.

MSGLock Bonus #4: WordPress Sales Robot with PLR

It is no secret that WordPress is the best CMS to date. In fact, lots of traditional websites, news portals, online stores or even sales letters are powered by WordPress these days.

However, just because you are using WordPress, it doesn’t mean that you will make a lot of money. In fact, some people have a hard time converting their WordPress sites into a cash-producing machine.

If this is your problem, then this WordPress Sales Robot plugin can help. Yes, it is a plugin, so you can simply upload and then activate it just like a normal WP plugin.

WordPress Sales Robot boosts the sales rates by offering your visitors a coupon code. In case you didn’t know, a coupon code is a special code that allows your visitors to get a discount. They have to copy, paste and activate this code upon checkout.

If you use this plugin to offer a discount, people who are just about to leave your website will change their mind. Rather than leaving empty-handed, they will quickly make the purchase.

The following are steps on how WordPress Sales Robot works:

1. Once activated, this plugin will prompt a special message offers a coupon code to your visitors.

2. In order to unlock this coupon code, one visitor must share your website to his/her Facebook account.

3. If he/she shares your website on Facebook, you will get additional traffic here. On the other hand, your visitor is able to unlock the coupon code

4. It doesn’t stop just there. The visitor will immediately make his/her purchase.

5. As the result, you will notice the increase in your sales rates.

WordPress Sales Robot also comes with a sales letter and PLR. Feel free to give this plugin away or sell it for profits.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. You need to purchase the MSGLock product from any link on this website. Click here to visit MSGLock official website and make the purchase.

2.¬†Compose an email with subject: “MSGLock bonus claim”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and your date of purchase in the email. Then, send the email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com. (Simply replace [at] with @).

3. If you have any question, feel free to contact me, Robert Simmons. Shoot an email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com (replace [at] with @).


Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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