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ProgressiveAppsBuilder review

Overview of ProgressiveAppsBuilder product

ProgressiveAppsBuilder introduces an new concept in app building and online marketing. Unlike the rest of other app builders, this program allows you to build a progressive web app.

Most mobile apps need to be downloaded via AppStore or Google Play. However, Progressive Web App is different. It allows your visitors to download the app directly from your website into their smartphones. No hassle to pass the Google Play or AppStore approval process.

Benefits of the ProgressiveAppBuilder software

More free, search engine traffic: Progressive Web Apps are loved by search engines. By building and uploading a Progressive Web App, you can get more targeted, free search engine traffic to your business.

Super fast loading: A Progressive Web App is not like an ordinary website. You can expect the app and content to load really fast thanks to the new technology.

Run the web app offline: Thanks to the Advance Cache Technology, this app will keep working even if you don’t have the internet access. In other words, your visitors can still view the content while offline.

The technology from the future: Progressive Web App is still a new technology. This is the new technology that Google and Microsoft really love and it is independent of the OS version.

Easy updates: This software can be updated directly from your website to all devices. No hassle to wait for Google Play’s approval process.

Push notifications: The push notifications technology allows you to send notifications, promotions and new content directly to your visitors. Therefore, you can expect more sales and conversions from your mobile app.

Safe and secure app: The Progressive Web App prevents the man-in-the-middle attacks and ensures that the content is not meddled with. Man-in-the-middle attacks is one common threat to almost all mobile apps.

More search engine traffic: By using the ProgressiveAppsBuilder, you can steal more targeted search engine traffic. Google actually loves the progressive web app, and by having one, you can gain advantages over your competitors.

Direct download and deployment: All apps that you’ve created with ProgressiveAppsBuilder software can be downloaded directly from your own website without needing to pass the Google Play or AppStore approval process. Therefore, you can expect more visitors downloading it, rather than from the Google Play store.

Bring the visitors back: You can keep the visitors to come back into your website thanks to the Progressive Web App. They will be able to read your content and even receive new promotions from you thanks to the push notifications feature.

Publish any type of apps in a few minutes: Start the project and create any type of apps in a few minutes. You can publish marketing app, learning app, lead generation app, e-commerce, video sharing, local businesses, blogs and community app.

Who needs the ProgressiveAppsBuilder software

Freelancer: The ProgressiveAppsBuilder software is geared exactly for freelancers or agencies. If you are a freelancer, you can offer more value to your customers by selling this app on your website or freelancing sites. Even if your clients already have a mobile app, you can still offer them a Progressive Web App since a PWA is different from a standard mobile app.

Shopify store owners: Let your visitors install the mobile app into their phone. After that, you can send push notifications to your customers each time you have new updates. Boost the overall revenue of your website by sending the notifications right on time.

Bloggers and webmasters: Need to send a new updates on your blog? Now you can do so thanks to the ProgressiveAppsBuilder. Send push notifications and alert your visitors each time your have new updates on your blog.

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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