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Sqribble Review, Sqribble Bonus, Sqribble Official Website

Overview of Sqribble product:

I’ve seen a lot of software products being released to the web in the past few years. However, I haven’t yet seen anything like this Sqribble software.

Sqribble is created by a 7-figure digital entrepreneur, Adeel Chowdhry. This is the next-generation software for eBook design and software creation.

Why you will love Sqribble (a lot):
– Publish your own ebook and reports in a few minutes. (Quick, easy-to-follow steps).
– No need to write a single word or hire a ghostwriter.
– Sqribble operates with the 1-click automated content engine.
– 50 stunning templates in 15 niche categories are included.
– Commercial and agency license is included.

Launch date: November 5th 2018. More details will be added soon. 


Why do you need the Sqribble software

Selling eBooks on the internet had been a solid business model for 25 years. It is that long, and it will still to continue. If you don’t publish your own ebook today, then you are losing a lot of traffic and money on the table.

This is the reason why you need the Sqribble software. Sqribble will reduce a lot of your time publishing your own ebooks. Without this software, you need to invest a lot of money and time to create and successfully sell an eBook.

Sqribble makes your life much easier by reducing the entire cost.
– Save months of your time writing the content by yourself.
– No need to pay for a ghostwriter or freelancer. You can save at least $1000 here.
– Ebook covers are included in various niches. No hassle to pay for expensive graphics software.
– Publish and then sell your products even in the niche that you are not familiar with. Yes, all the content are provided, automatically.
– Sell the cover designs like your own and then keep 100% of the profits.

Who needs the Sqribble software?

In short, anyone who sells digital products, especially on the Clickbank marketplace needs the Sqribble program. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or experienced.

Sqribble is perfect for:
– Digital marketers.
– Clickbank publishers.
– Authors.
– Freelancers.
– Teachers.
– List builders.
– Bloggers.
– Facebook advertisers.
– Consultants.
– Entrepreneurs.

In other words, this software is geared specifically to anyone who wishes to build a real business on the internet.

What’s inside the Sqribble member’s area

The main Sqribble software: Design your own ebooks in a few clicks.
This is a complete ebook design studio equipped with a simple drag and drops user interface. Automatically publish the content and cover design for you in popular niches.

From weight loss, DIY, finance, personal development, business to business. Plus much more. There are 50 templates to select from in 15 popular niche categories.

Agency rights: Sell the ebook designs to your clients. For real cash.
Do you want to start your own designing company? Or perhaps you already have one? Then Sqribble is perfect for you. This software comes with a complete commercial license that you can sell the ebooks and all the materials to clients. Not only you can sell the PDF eBook content, but also the graphics as well as the websites.

Sqribble training center: The complete training program to leverage the Sqribble software
What good a software if you don’t know how to use it? This is why Sqribble comes with a complete training center. You can learn from the interactive video modules inside and then get the most out of this software. All the steps and important points are covered.

My killer Sqribble bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus pack below. These bonuses could worth thousands of if you know how to utilize them properly. They are not part of Sqribble product, but they can add more value to your purchase.

All of them will be delivered automatically by JVZoo system. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Sqribble Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a complete video course + tools on email marketing. Whether you are a newbie or experienced marketer, you know the power of emails. It makes sense that the money is inside your email list since you can contact your subscribers anytime. You can promote affiliate offers or sell your own products into your list.

However, most of the list building courses out there are always missing something. While they could teach you the secret to use an autoresponder like Aweber, they might fail to include important tools. For example, sample swipe emails, upsell page and so on.

The Autoresponder Profit Formula is different. Not only it teaches you how to get more buyer traffic, but it also comes with an important toolset. For example, a sample squeeze page, swipe emails and more.

This product consists of 3 parts. All of them will expose the secret of email marketing, from the ground to above.

Part 1: List building basic
– A quick glance of email marketing and autoresponder.
– Squeeze pages, why is it important and how to create it.
– Tips to boost the signup rates of your squeeze page.
– The sample of squeeze pages and email messages that converts.
– Traffic generation basic for list building.

Part 2: Getting more traffic
– The importance of getting more buyer traffic.
– Secrets used by wealthy gurus and super affiliates to get only buyers into their list.
– The correct techniques to distribute a free viral report to attract more buyers.
– Tricks to get lots of willing-to-buy subscribers from other marketers, even if they are your competitors.
– Guideline to become an authority in your topic and then gain more free exposure.
– Find out the importance of joint venture marketing and how to leverage the power of your JV partners.
– List of free forums that you can join and post into. These forums are important not only to attract more buyers but also more affiliate partners.
– The power of launch jacking and why you should leverage it to grow your list and make tons of sales.
– Common list building mistakes made by newbies that you should avoid.

Part 3: Monetization
– The recommended plan to monetize and make a huge profit from your list.
– High-ticket products, what is it and why you should be selling it to your list.
– The step-by-step system you need to follow in order to make others purchase a high-ticket offer from you.
– Complete funnel that you can combine to promote high-ticket products.

Sqribble Bonus #2: Publish Ebook On Kindle

We all know the fact that selling your own ebooks is a way to make easy money. Unlike physical books, an ebook can be published inside your computer without having to deal with printing companies. Even better, if you can write, then you can publish your own ebook.

This is different when comes to selling computer programs online, where you need to learn programming languages before selling. This is not the case with ebooks.

There could be tons of websites where you can publish and start selling. However, selling your ebooks will be much easier if you start with the Amazon Kindle platform.

Why? Because Kindle is from Amazon. Here are some of the benefits of leveraging Amazon Kindle platform:
– More conversion rates since people trust Amazon.com. Amazon.com is one popular brand online. People will trust you and purchase from you if you use Amazon.
– Lots of targeted traffic. People who browse Amazon website love reading. This is because Amazon is also well-known for selling books on the internet for years. Therefore, if you can sell the ebook version of your product, you can expect lots of potential buyers.
– Easy to use. Amazon provides a system known as the Kindle Direct Publishing. This system allows you to easily upload, publish or re-edit your ebooks. This system is very useful especially if you have tons of ebooks to be published.

Publish Ebook On Kindle is just the right course to help you get started. All the steps are presented in videos, so you can easily understand the concept.

In this video tutorial, you will learn the following:
– How to properly format your ebook.
– Steps to upload and publish the ebook.
– Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and why you should use it.
– Techniques to edit your existing ebook in the Kindle marketplace.

Sqribble Bonus #3: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engines are the number one source of traffic for webmasters. This rule is true since the born of the internet and will remain, probably forever.

As an online marketer, you cannot miss the opportunity to get ranked on Google and get tons of buyer traffic from it. The question is, how to get there? In other words, how to skyrocket your website on the first page of Google?

Most newbies tend to think that getting top ten ranking on Google or Bing is hard. However, it is actually easier than you think, as long as you know what you are doing.

The trick is to know the fundamental components of SEO. Then, start by ranking for easier keywords. You think like you need to learn how to walk before you can run. That’s what SEO Success Blueprint is about.

SEO Success Blueprint will outline important guidelines and parts of SEO that every SEO newbie should know.

Learn the following and more from this course:
– The basic of SEO and the recommended plan for you.
– On-page SEO factors which are counted by Google to rank your website.
– Quality content is vital. Discover why and how to craft high-quality content.
– Google and Bing care about quality backlinks and why you should too.
– Techniques to promote your website on social media sites, and what it has to do with your ranking.
– The correct way to leverage article directories for backlinks, traffic, and SE ranking.
– List of backlink from other sources that you should know and take advantage of.

Sqribble Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint

E-commerce is a big business these days. If you are going to build a solid business in this era, you cannot ignore the power of e-commerce.

Shopify Blueprint is just the right e-commerce course that can help you get your feet wet. Unlike other courses out there, Shopify Blueprint keeps things as simple as it can. The reason is simply that this course focuses only on the Shopify platform.

Shopify is the easiest e-commerce software that you and I can use to create a beautiful online store. You don’t need to learn web design from scratch. Just use the templates provided within the dashboard.

The following are the list of tutorials inside this video course:
Shopify At A Glance: The video will introduce you to Shopify and why it is the best e-commerce platform.

Getting Started With Shopify: Shopify comes with both monthly and yearly plan. This video will elaborate in details about each plan. Plus, you will learn to choose which plan is the best.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you can configure the account. This video will walk you through the configuration process.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: You can quickly and easily design a professional-looking online store by choosing the right template. No need to learn the technical stuff here. Just choose an appealing template and you are good to go. Plus, the video also comes with stuff like setting up payment processor and shipping methods.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: Product and market research is vital to building a successful e-commerce business. Watch the video and understand how to research for profitable markets, by using free tools available online.

How To Create a Buy Button / Shopping Cart: Some people might have problems integrating the buy button with their favorite payment processor. That’s why this video is very useful. It will show you, in details, on how to connect the shopping cart, buy button together with your favorite payment processor.

Launching Your E-Store: Once everything is ready, it is time to get the traffic. This module is the most exciting one since it will demonstrate how easy it is to make the real money from Shopify. Once the store is launched, you can see lots of sales are coming, in just a few hours.

Other Money Making Ideas: Selling your own physical products is not the only way to monetize your Shopify website. There are tons of other methods to sell something on your website and profit from it. This module will discuss those in details.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: If you already have an online store, let say on Bigcommerce platform, then you can migrate to Shopify. Shopify is much better due to the ease of use. However, if you think that the process is overwhelming, then watch this module. The video will explain the steps in an easy-to-understand manner.

How to get the above bonus pack delivered to you:
1. You must purchase Sqribble via any link on this website. Click here to purchase Sqribble product.

2. Your payment will be processed by Paypal, while the product delivery will be managed by JVZoo.com. I already integrate between the JVZoo system and my bonus download page. So, rest assured once you’ve made the purchase, you will be given the download URL.

3. Other than that, you can also contact me, Robert Simmons to grab the above bonus pack. Shoot an email to support[at]superinfotechnology.com. Please include your proof of purchase in your email – Paypal transaction ID and also the date of purchase.

Click here to visit the Sqribble official website

Other Sqribble review site.

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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