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White Label Business Content Review

White Label Business Content Review, Killer Bonus, Discount + Official Website

Overview of White Label Business Content product

White Label Business Content is a done-for-you package that will help you find clients, get more traffic. Then, converts the traffic into real subscribers and customers.

In summary, you will get eight white labeled script templates that positions you as the expert, authority in your niche. These “how to” scripts plus done-for-you package make it easy for you to create content for membership sites, webinars masterclasses and more.

You will get the following and more inside the White Label Business Content product:
– Topic ideas kit.
– Black Friday Mini Report.
– Social media content starter videos.
– The Unlimited Clients Toolkit Funnel.
– The Effortless Clients: 5-Day Challenge.
– Client Roadmap: 5-Week Program.

Launch date: October 15th 2018. More details will be added soon. 

White Label Business Content official website

What you will get with each of the toolkit:

Topic ideas kit:

This 2301 topic ideas kit is a done-for-you keyword research resource. In other words, this is a keyword list. You can use these keywords to find potential customers from Google and Bing. After that, you can create educational content based on your website, blog posts, videos.

As the result, you can steal a lot of traffic and get customers from these search engines.

The Black Friday Mini Report:

The Black Friday Mini Report contains a lot of useful tips. That is how to use The Black Friday for a major cash infusion.

This is actually a done-for-you report with giveaway rights. You can use this report as the bribe to grow a list. Offer your traffic this Black Friday report in exchange for their email contacts.

Social Media Content Starter Videos:

This part consists of 30 starter videos for social media sites. These are eye-catching, unbranded videos help catch the attention of your lists, ideal audience on social media.

You can use these videos to post into the Facebook page or Pinterest in order to attract lots of traffic. As you might know, maintaining the number of followers or fans on social media sites is not easy.

This pack makes it much easier for you to maintain the traffic and social media fans.

The Unlimited Clients Toolkit Funnel

This funnel will build trust with your existing clients. The content inside this funnel will help you engage the audience effectively.

My killer White Label Business Content bonus

My bonus package below is complementary with White Label Business Content product. While they are not part of the White Label Business Content product, but they will add more value to your purchase.

Plus, they will also save your money in certain ways. For example, if you want to learn e-commerce, simply watch the Shopify Blueprint video series below. No need to purchase an e-commerce course separately.

The same goes if you want to learn email marketing, then Autoresponder Profit Formula below can be a big help. You don’t need another email marketing course.

Plus, if you are looking for something to sell, feel free to sell the products listed below, since they come with master resale right (MRR) and private label right (PLR).

The bonus download page will be sent to you by JVZoo system. This process is automatic. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

White Label Business Content Bonus #1: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

The most important step in your marketing efforts is finding the correct niches. In fact, failing to choose a profitable niche is the number one factor that stops newbies from making a dime online.

The reason is simple: most newbies tend to jump into competitive niches like weight loss, travel or even business to business. While they can make the money from these niches, they will also face lots of competition.

A good niche is not necessarily the ones with high demand. The niche should be profitable, but at the same time, less competitive.

If all of that sounds hard for you, then the Niche Authority Gold can help. There could be thousands of methods to research for niches, but this course will highlight one of them.

Once you’ve watched the Niche Authority Gold video series, you will:
– get the idea of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do when comes to niche research.
– be able to profit from your website, or email list or social media account.
– get good ROI from advertising and traffic generation parts.
– avoid lots of competition from jumping into competitive niches.

Inside the Niche Authority Gold course, you will learn the following and more:
– The correct mindset that will lead you to profits.
– List of common mistakes made by newbies when comes to niche research.
– Top tools used by experienced marketers to research for profitable niches.
– The pros and cons of narrow beam approach.
– Techniques to research for profitable niches as an affiliate.
– 3 methods to find, publish and then sell your own niche products fast.

White Label Business Content Bonus #2: WordPress Sales Robot with PLR

Tired of low conversion rates on your WordPress site? Need a change? This powerful plugin can help.

The WordPress Sales Robot is a powerful plugin that boosts both conversion rates and traffic simultaneously. The trick is to offer a coupon code to the visitors. In case you didn’t know, a coupon code is a special code which can be applied upon checkout for a discount.

People want to save money, so if you offer the same product at a lower price, they will buy. This is what WordPress Sales Robot is all about.

In case you are confused, let me explain, in a step-by-step system how this plugin works:
1. Once configured and activated, the plugin will prompt a message to the visitors offering them a coupon code.

2. In order to unlock the coupon code, one visitor must share your website on Facebook.

3. If he/she wants to save the money, he will surely share your website on Facebook. In exchange, you will get more traffic. And then the visitor will get the code.

4. Before leaving the website, the visitor will make the purchase first. This is his/her chance to save the money, so of course, he won’t resist buying.

5. Once the purchase is made, you will end up with profit in your pocket. And then the visitor will be happy with his purchase.

6. It doesn’t stop just there. Remember the Facebook shares that I talked about in step 3? That share will bring 3 new visitors or more. As the result, new visitors will arrive on your website and make the purchase.

7. This snowball effect keeps on going.

WordPress Sales Robot also comes with private label rights (PLR). So, feel free to sell or rebrand this plugin if you wish.

White Label Business Content Bonus #3: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Most legit gurus out there will keep telling you to build a list. For good reasons – because once you have an email list, you will run a solid business for a long time.

The traffic from emails is not the same as social media sites. Lots of social sites and forums come and gone. Once the internet is growing, new social sites and forums will emerge.

However, an email is different. Email accounts are just like search engines, they existed since the born of the internet and still being widely used. Therefore, if you don’t tap into this traffic source known as an email list, you will be leaving tons of money on the table.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is just the course to help you get started with list building and email marketing. While there could be tons of tips that you can pick about email marketing in certain blogs, most of them are confusing. Those tips are not compiled together that you will have a hard time digesting the information.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is different. This product compiles all the best techniques and tips about email marketing. You can build a list from the ground to above.

This video course consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: Email marketing for newbies
– Introduction to email marketing.
– List of the toolset that you should be using.
– Squeeze page and its relationship with your campaign.
– Tips to boost conversion rates of your squeeze page.
– Example of effective email swipes that convert.
– Getting the traffic and signups to your squeeze page.

Part 2: Getting the buyer traffic
– The reasons why some of your subscribers don’t buy from you, while others do.
– Steps that you can use to eliminate freebie seekers from your list and get buyers only.
– Tips to make others send the real buyer traffic, even if they are your competitors.
– Techniques to approach other marketers so they will send the traffic to you.
– The right and wrong way to distribute free viral report so you will get only buyers that join your list.
– List of joint venture websites that you can post into and then get lots of partners to push you to the next level.
– Tips to maximize the profits from a newly built list.
– The secret to making others see you as an authority and increase your credibility.

Part 3: Make big profits with your list
– Selling low-ticket product vs high-ticket product-
– The reasons why super affiliates can make easy $5000 per month from their list.
– Upsell page, swipe emails and tools to sell a high-ticket product.
– The step-by-step video that you can follow to set up a funnel and then sell a high-ticket product.

White Label Business Content Bonus #4: WordPress Optimization Secret with MRR

Now that you set up a website with WordPress, it is time to get the traffic. You can publish content into your WP site quickly, but getting traffic is the real problem here.

Optimizing your WordPress site for search engine ranking is not the same as optimizing a standard HTML or PHP site for it. You need to learn from the right source to avoid tons of mistakes.

WordPress Optimization Secrets is the course that can guide you with all the basic parts of SEO with WordPress.

Learn the following tips and more from this PDF book:
– On-page SEO and your blog post.
– Tips to create and publish quality content.
– The list of WordPress plugins that you can activate and use.
– Backlinks, its effect on your ranking plus why you should care about them.
– Tricks to get lots of quality backlinks to your website.
– List of directory websites where you can get lots of powerful backlinks.
– The secret of article marketing and SEO.
– The reasons why you should include a sitemap plugin into your WordPress site.

White Label Business Content Bonus #5: Shopify Blueprint with MRR

Shopify Blueprint is actually an e-commerce course. I know that you could have seen lots of e-commerce courses before, but Shopify Blueprint is different.

For one thing, it gives attention only to the Shopify platform and not the rest of e-commerce software. Shopify is the best e-commerce platform to date not only because it is feature-rich, but also due to its simplicity. Then, this video blueprint also includes ways to diversify your online income by monetizing Shopify store with other methods.

Let me explain one by one about the modules inside this course:
Shopify At A Glance: This module is a quick glance about Shopify, the comparison with other software and why Shopify is the best.

Getting Started With Shopify: Shopify comes with different plans for the different type of users. This video will elaborate what you will get for each plan, whether monthly or yearly. After watching this module, you will get a clear picture of what type of plan to choose from.

Shopify Dashboard: Just as the name implies, the dashboard is the control panel where you configure everything related to your store. In this video, learn the functions that you can find and tweak within the dashboard.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: This is one advantage of Shopify. The video doesn’t have to explain how to build a website from scratch. Instead, you can just choose from an existing template and then configure the website design from the software. Plus, you can also configure other settings such as payment processor and shipping.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: Not all type of products can be sold. Some products are high in demand, some others don’t. You need to find the product and market which is high in demand but low in competition. If that sounds too hard for you, then watch this video. It will elaborate in details all the market research techniques which are commonly used.

How To Create a Buy Button / Shopping Cart: The shopping cart is important because this is where the money goes into your bank account. While setting up this part could sound easy, you need to be careful. If you set up the shopping cart or payment processor the wrong way, you won’t be receiving the money.

Launching Your E-Store: In this module, learn how to drive the traffic to your newly built website. This module will prove to you how easy it is to make a lot of money with Shopify. In fact, you will start making sales a few hours after the store is launched.

Other Money Making Ideas: Do you want to diversify your income? Then, you don’t need to sell your own products inside the online store. While most Shopify users sell their own products, the problem with this method is it takes too much time. You need to find the right suppliers and connect them with your store. However, this module will give you tips on how to monetize the Shopify website easily.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: You don’t need to re-built the website content from scratch, if you already have an existing online store. Another powerful feature of Shopify is the fact you can easily migrate from other platforms, let say BigCommerce to this platform.

How the bonus and White Label Business Content are delivered to you:
1. Both my bonus packs and White Label Business Content product will be delivered to you after the purchase. Click here to visit White Label Business Content official website and make your purchase.

2. Your payment will be processed by Paypal, but the product delivery will be managed by JVZoo. I already linked my bonus offers above with the JVZoo.com system. So once the purchase is complete you will be given access to the download page. In other words, this process is automatic. You don’t need to do anything.

3. This is not really needed, but you can also claim the bonus products above by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Compose an email, mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

Robert Simmons is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and webmaster. He had been into online business since 2008. His specialty is online traffic generation, Wordpress and software development.

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